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Company Background

• GRT Energy (“GRT” or the “Company”) is an independent financial & turnaround advisory and investment firm with an exclusive focus on energy, mining and real estate. We provide comprehensive solutions for our clients, ranging from  financial and strategic advice to operational, or greenfield investment.

• GRT’s directors and senior consultants are all industry specialists with a technical support from proven leader teams collectively with skill and experience. All have extensive experience working with the leading energy, investment bank, strategic consulting , private equity venture and real estate firms based in New York, London and Thailand.

• The Company has strong connection with Middle-East investors, local Thai government entities, African governments and their influential individuals, foreign institutions such as private equity / sovereign wealth funds and elite members of many countries such as China, Korea and UAE.

• Our co-partners include first-tier Chinese energy company, Renewable Energy Fund, Middle-East investors, mining company and mid and large cap local companies.

• For our deal credentials, we are currently managing and operating Thailand’s largest landfill, in the mid stage on mining project. Currently working on solar farm and Biomass project

Our Value Proposition

• Capable & Trusted Working Team

• Experience Across Private Equity / M&A/Funding

• Strong Execution Capabilities Worldwide

• Distribution Capabilities

• Leading Performance



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